5 DIY Tips That Can Spruce Up Your Charleston Home For Showings

5 DIY Tips That Can Spruce Up Your Charleston Home For Showings

When a potential buyer comes to view your home, they’ll know within 60 seconds whether or not it’s right for them. For this reason, you should get your home in good condition before you put it on the market. If it’s clean, decluttered, and homy, there’s a good chance potential buyers will make offers after viewing it. If you’ve been thinking “I need to sell my house fast in Charleston, SC,” consider these five tips to ensure great showings.

1. Clean & Declutter

A cluttered home is a turn-off to most buyers, so clean up and make your home look its best before showing it to the world. Deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, dusting and mopping all the rooms, cleaning the curtains, taking out the trash—all these things are necessary if you want to spruce up your home and make it look pleasing.

2. Create A Welcoming Environment

Add some plants and flowers to your entryway; these will help buyers get a good first impression. You want buyers to feel like your home is their home, so make it inviting and comfortable. Also, be sure to set the thermostat to a comfortable temp, i.e. not too hot nor too cold. In short, do whatever is possible to ensure the buyers feel relaxed while they look around.

3. Use Scented Candles

A home that smells pleasant is much more appealing than one which has a strange odor throughout. Choose a light, refreshing scent that will make your home feel like a warm, welcoming place. Be sure to avoid using candles that give off a strong smell, as you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors. Candles are easy to find and inexpensive, yet a burning candle can be invaluable if it freshens up a home in time for a showing.

4. Set The Mood With Lights

Make sure your home is bright and uplifting with the right lighting. If a lot of natural light comes in, arrange the blinds or curtains so only a small amount of light comes in. If you have a cottage-style home, try to get some soft natural light streaming in through the windows. You can also use lamps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

5. Create Focal Points

In each room, you want to have a focal point that will draw potential buyers’ attention. This could be a fireplace, a beautiful piece of art, or a large window with a view. Whatever it is, make sure it is clean and not obstructed by clutter. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine living in your home, as if they can it’s more likely they’ll make offers.

Showing is a vital part of the home-selling process, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on exquisite lighting or excellent focal points to impress potential buyers. Unless your house needs major renovations, a few simple DIY changes can make a significant impact.

And if your home isn’t appealing to a large number of buyers because it needs major renovations and repairs, pursuing a cash home sale can be a good option.

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