5 Home Improvements That’ll Enhance Your Columbia Home’s Value

Home Improvements

Don’t be in a rush to advertise your home sale if there are some basic repairs that need to be undertaken first. These less-involved cosmetic updates can help you sell fast and for a fair price. Thankfully, getting your home ready to sell doesn’t have to take months or cost thousands of dollars. Plus, many simple DIY home improvements can pay off handsomely on closing day. Check out the top five below.

1. Clean Up The Grounds

Good landscaping can increase a home’s value by up to 28%. Additionally, not much has to be done to improve the grounds. Simply hire a landscaper who can give your front yard a once-over; if you don’t want to pay someone, do this yourself. Finally, replace the patio furniture to boost the overall look.

2. Painting

The home improvement with the best ROI is painting. If you paint the interior and exterior walls, you can cover up minor blemishes and make the home look like it was just constructed the other day. You should use neutral-color paint, and that’s because neutral paints appeal to more people. Remember: You want to make your house attractive to as many buyers as possible.

3. Fix Or Replace Outdated Windows And Doors

Get rid of your dated furnishings, like drab curtains, shaky door knobs, and twisted mini blinds. If you don’t improve the doors and windows before selling, it’s likely your home won’t be attractive to a wide variety of buyers.

4. Modify Your Lighting

Lighting replacements are great for two reasons. For one, buyers will like that the lights are new. Secondly, you can improve how your home looks both inside and outside. High-quality illumination can make your home feel cozy, warm, and inviting.

5. Improve Your Kitchen And Bathrooms

Bathrooms and the kitchen are the most important rooms in any home. So, make sure these rooms get plenty of attention when you’re remodeling. Try replacing the wallpaper, redoing backsplashes, and changing the layout in these rooms. Especially when it comes to the kitchen, if you can make worthwhile improvements, these should pay off big time.

Look The Other Way

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