Hiring A Realtor To Sell Your Charleston Home: Is It Really The Best Way? ( We Don’t Think So)

Hiring A Realtor To Sell Your Charleston Home: Is It Really The Best Way? ( We Don’t Think So)

There are many ways to sell a home in Charleston. That said, the traditional way is to hire a realtor. This real estate professional will essentially sell your home for you. They’ll do most of the legwork and ensure the sale goes smoothly. But is it really that simple? And what do realtors charge, anyway? The truth is, selling a home with help from a realtor is not the best way to sell, as there are a variety of downsides that rarely get pointed out. Here’s what they are:

Agent Commissions

Every home seller knows that hiring an agent means you’ll have to pay between 3% and 6% of the sale price in agent commissions. And usually, the seller isn’t just paying their own agent—they’re paying the buyer’s agent too.

If you want to avoid paying realtor commissions, you should reach out to cash home buyers in Charleston, SC to sell your home fast.

Expensive Method

An agent will want you to make costly repairs, and they’ll also want professional staging done. They may also charge you for their marketing efforts. These are all costs that you could avoid if you don’t hire an agent. That said, selling is likely to be more difficult if your home is rundown.

Too Many Clients

Agents often work with numerous clients at once. Therefore, they can’t devote all their time and energy to one client. And if the agent can’t manage their workload well, you will suffer—they could drag the process out for months.

So if you’re thinking “how can I sell my house fast in Charleston, SC,” then try selling for cash. This process is simple, and the buyer will purchase your home directly from you. 

Double Agent

If you’re working with a local agent, there’s a high chance they’ll try to match you with one of their buyers. In this scenario, you can’t be sure that your agent will act in your best interests. In fact, the chances of this happening are quite slim. So think twice before choosing to work with a local realtor.

Poor Coordination

It’s unlikely that you and your agent will have similar schedules, and this may make the process stressful. It’ll also elongate it. Plus, there probably won’t be good communication. And if you can’t reach your realtor after receiving a fantastic but limited-time offer, the deal may slip through the cracks.

In the end, when you hire an agent to list your home, the troubles and inconveniences that come from this are unavoidable. Therefore, consider your options before hiring an agent; it’s likely there’s a better way to sell your home.

At Barrington Acquisitions, we buy houses in Charleston, SC for fair cash, and we’ll make sure the process is hassle-free. We can close in under 30 days, and we’ll pay the closing costs too. Call us today to get a fair cash offer on your Charleston home.

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