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We Buy Houses Atlanta Areas

“We Buy Houses” Atlanta: Where are Investors buying?

Here we share our very own notes on where we are seeing buying from other investors (and our own purchase activity). Get a sneak peak into the mind of a local Atlanta Home Buyer!

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Other than some homes on Lake Acworth or Bentwater Golf Club, this area is above average. The demand is pushing north from Kennesaw, but not super strong. Still worth buying here however. The downtown Acworth scene is slowly picking up speed too.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30101


This area is boardered by Hwy I-75 and lake Allatoona. There are lots of residential areas that we are open to purchasing in. Especially south of 92.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30102


This area is west of the East Lake golf course, and is bordered by “the perimeter” known as Hwy 285. The closer you get to 285, the lower the demand gets, but we are definitely still buying in this area.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30032


This is a prime area for investment. Many older brick ranches are being expanded and renovated here. There are lots of “pockets” in this zip code that are attractive. Some include: Oakhust, College Heights, and Glenwood Estates.

Some of this area could be ranked at only “above average”, if its around Panthersville, “ITP” or inside the perimeter. Otherwise the demand drops. We will still buy, but not as high.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30030, 30034

East Cobb

Very hot area, west of I-75N. We are able to pay a higher percentage for these properties, than other areas.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30068, 30062

East Lake

Interestingly, this was the zip code in which I bought my very first investment property on Hooper Street. We also own another lot here on Salmon Avenue. There are some fantastic investing pockets in this zip including: Kirkwood, East Lake, and more. We love buying in East Lake.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30317


Go Owl’s! This zip contains Kennesaw State University, and we look for potential student housing. In the past 5 years Chastain Road has exploded, making the buyer demand much higher than in years past. We look for flips here as well. This contains many homes between the 75/575 split as well.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30144


This Zip (30060) has been expanding rapidly. It expands from Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield down to Hurt Road Park in West Smyrna. The big chicken is a staple point of this zip code.

Go Yellow Jacket’s! This zip (30066) is primarily home to Sprayberry High. A prominent school that comes with it high demand from parents wanting their children to go to be taught there. This zip also contains two other high quality schools: Kell & Lassiter. Combining these 3 top notch schools, makes it a great place to live if you have kids. This means we experience more demand on the back end of our flips and rentals, which allows us to pay more.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30060, 30066

Powder Springs

This zip has been on the rise due to all the activity and prices going up in Marietta and Smyra. People are moving west to get more attractive pricing. We used to pay no attention to this area, but now the demand is there.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30127


This area could be ranked a 1 if your home is South of 92. We will buy in the whole zip, however there is a little less demand and longer days on market for homes above Hwy 92.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30075

Shilow West

Good area, south of Kennesaw, sliced in half by the popular Stilesboro Road.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30152


Smyrna has experienced some insane appreciation due to Suntrust Stadium being built. There are lots of older homes being renovated and selling for top dollar.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30080

West Atlanta OTP

This area just outside of the perimeter is great for rental properties. We own a property in this zip code as well, and are looking for more. If your property is 4 sided brick, it’s even more attractive.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30331

West End

Wow.. What a comeback this area has had! The amount of activity in this area has been on fire lately. The closer you get to 285, the more it slows down, but we are still buying property in the entire zip.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30311

West Marietta

Because of the rapid grown in Marietta, demand has started to spread west towards Powder Springs.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30064

West Smryna

This little sliver is west of Smyrna and still has some high buyer demand.

Hottest Zip Codes: 30008

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